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Seers 1500 Stainless Steel Membrane Outdoor Filter

RM 1,399.00

Seers 1500 Stainless Steel Membrane Outdoor Filter..
Model SS-MWF

The filtered water is crystal clear and germ-free, rich in minerals, highly absorbable and has enhanced dissolving ability. Long-term use of SEERS filtered water for drinking and cleaning improves your health and protects your skin. It is indeed a healthy water that merges well with the modern people’s health concept.
The core of the SEERS Ultra Filtration System is a hollow- fibre ultra membrane bundle, which consists of 1500 pieces of membrane bundled together. Numerous pores of 0.01-micron pore size are found all over each piece of membrane. This membrane bundle is housed in a cartridge. When tap water enters from one end of the filter cartridge, contaminants bigger than 0.01 micron, e.g. rusts, suspended solids, resins, sediments, organic pollutants, bacteria and most viruses etc. are retained at the cartridge. Beneficial and soluble trace elements and minerals are allowed to exit the cartridge together with the filtered water. Consumers are advised to flush the cartridge regularly to remove fine particles, bacteria and viruses trapped within the hollow- fibre formed at the inner membrane. After some time, However, a bio-film and scaling will be surface of the membrane, greatly reducing its filtering efficiency and the life span of the cartridge. To extend the useful life span of the cartridge, SEERS Water Treatment Technology (SEERS) adopts an exclusive anti-contamination technology to prevent the formation of the bio-film. The filtered water from our SEERS ultra Filtration System achieves a 0.1 NTU turbidity standard. The American Environment Protection Agency mandates a 1 NTU standard for drinking water. Clearly our SEERS system surpasses this standard. This filtration system removes fine particles, bacteria and viruses from tap water but retains beneficial minerals: truly a smart way to filter. It also satisfies modern men’s desire to pursue high-tech and smart product.

.Membrane pore size 0.01 micron (able to remove bacteria and most viruses)
.Filtration rate 1500 to 1800 litres per hour
.Materials outer casing stainless steel (nice looking, hygienic and durable)
.Filtration medium double-layer hollow-fibre membrane
.Bacteria / viruses removal rate 99.9%
.Anti-contamination technology prevents the formation of bio-film
.Retains soluble beneficial minerals
.Direct flushing or automatic flushing uses less water than conventional backwash filtration systems
.Light and small, it has a small footprint. Vertical or horizontal installation, its your choice
.Does not waste a lot of water

.SEERS Ultra Filtration System
.Ability to remove suspended solids 0.01 micron
.99.9% bacteria and viruses removal
.Water activation high quality water
.Amount of water used for flushing very little; manual operation
.Operating cost lowest
.Footprint (space occupied) light and compact
.Membrane straw 1500
.Casing stainless steel
.Warranty 10 years

PRICE RM1,399.00..(Seers Hybrid Water System!)..

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